How to Get an Apartment Lease in Spain from the US

  • February 5, 2024

Embarking on the exciting journey of securing a long-term apartment lease in Spain from the United States can be a dream come true for many. However, this process is not without its challenges, as individuals navigate through a myriad of complexities. Here are some of the common problems faced by those trying to make this transcontinental move.

The landlords in Valencia will likely ignore you when you write from website listings you find.

One significant hurdle is the initial confirmation process. Distance and time zones create a logistical challenge when attempting to communicate effectively with Spanish landlords or real estate agents. We worked with one client from South America who was of course fluent in Spanish and they still struggled. The wrote over 40 apartments on Idealista and got maybe 2 or 3 replies. 90% of the listings are being used as bait to offer you others. Apartments go so fast that the time it takes to list them, photo them, describe them and more would make no logistical sense. This is why they leave them up and use the traffic for other apartments.

We have agents with their own listings we will start with. We will search the normal avenues and also have our partners provide options you won’t be able to see online.

Being able to meet, speak and visit in person is a big advantage. We can do that for you.

Another concern arises during the apartment hunting phase, where prospective tenants encounter the issue of physically visiting the properties. The impression of being local moves the process along.

With the current market having very little inventory the landlords do not waste time on any potential tenant that is more complicated than the others. We can visit the property and even say it is “for a friend arriving next week” if that works. The landlord will be explained the situation, the great tenant that you will be for them and get a full explanation of the VISA and time frame you have. We can explain what your visa means in terms of financial ability and that you already went through a national background check.

Having someone explain your visa to a landlord makes all the difference.

The financial aspect of the lease agreement poses its own set of challenges. Landlords WILL expect a work contract from a Spanish employer from most tenants. They will understand that expats wont have that to offer. We can explain the high financial hurdle your visa represents. You are a slam dunk of a tenant with both a background and financial means check done by the government of Spain already completed.

Understanding the breakdown of costs, including the 1-month rent at signing minus the initial fee and one visit, can be confusing for individuals unfamiliar with the Spanish real estate system. This lack of clarity can lead to misunderstandings and financial stress for those attempting to secure housing from overseas.

Sorry puppies, you are sadly not very welcome in this market

Thought we would add this one tidbit from our last 2 clients experiences. The market is very high demand and very low inventory right now for Valencia, Spain Apartments. One of the big changes has been how hard it is to find a landlord willing to take pets. Both our most recent clients with pets did find amazing apartments in Russafa and Gran Via but it took having someone here to convince the landlord to change their current policy. Neither had to put down a pet deposit like they do in the US. In fact, we have never placed a family with a pet that was asked for a pet deposit.

Despite these challenges, it’s essential to highlight that overcoming these obstacles is very much possible. Communication is key, and utilizing modern technology to bridge the gap can facilitate smoother interactions. Establishing a trustworthy relationship with a local agent or real estate service provider can also ease the process, providing valuable guidance and support throughout the apartment hunting and leasing journey.

In conclusion, while securing a long-term apartment lease in Spain from the US poses its share of challenges, careful planning, effective communication, and seeking assistance from reliable local services can help turn this dream into a reality. With determination and the right support, the vibrant streets of Spain can become home sweet home for expatriates from across the globe.

Contact us now. Let us find, photograph, video, visit and secure the best place. We are the advantage you need to find the right place in this competitive Valencia apartment market.

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