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Digital nomads love Spain

Real Estate Search Services

Welcome to our Revalencia Real Estate Services, where your dream home is just a step away. We are prepared to help make the apartment hunting process easier for expats making the move to Valencia, Spain.

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Some reasons we can be a great help:

We can work with you in English or Spanish and communicate all your needs in native Spanish while we work with property owners and landlords on your behalf.

We will be contacting potential apartments on your behalf from Valencia on local numbers and Whatsapp. Experience shows that 90% of landlords will not even reply to you from overseas as they see it as complicating it for themselves. Being local increases your chances of getting the place you want and we provide that advantage to you.

We will visit the properties, ask your questions and provide you with video of the apartments, photos we took ourselves just for you or even 360 degree VR capable images and video if you so choose. The differences in US and Spanish interiors is something you want to see and be sure of before you proceed.

Digital nomads love Spain
Our Apartment Search Process and Costs:
  1. You contact us initially.
  2. We ask questions about your timeline, visa situation, family size, pets, arrival plans and learn what we can about the things you value in a location.
  3. If you are ready to move forward, our streamlined process begins with an Initial Confirmation Fee of $100, signaling the start of your apartment hunt, and to know you are a serious apartment hunter. (This is part of any final fees later when you get the place)
  4. We send you matches we find through online searches as well as speaking with multiple real estate agents we have a history of success with. (They know how to speak to owners in a way that helps expats get the place!)
  5. You tell us which one’s interest you and we contact them to set up times for an in person visit. Within a 5km radius of the city center, each visit is priced at $70. We collect this before the visit is made to protect ourselves and our time. We will make a video of each visit you pay for and send it to you to review. 
  6. If an apartment is a potential match we will have a video call with you to discuss our knowledge of the area and see if it is a fit. Every area has strengths and weaknesses and a little inside information can make a huge difference in you experience in Spain. Please note that payment for visits is required 24 hours before the scheduled viewing. For locations beyond the Valencia Metro Area, the cost will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Upon finding your perfect home, the Cost at Signing will be calculated as 1 month’s rent, minus the initial fee and one visit.

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