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Welcome to Revalencia, your dedicated partner in unlocking the doors to Valencia real estate. If you’re an expatriate from the US, dreaming of a home under the Spanish sun, our team is here to guide you through the exciting journey of finding the perfect property in Valencia, Spain.

Choosing The Right Property in Valencia

When it comes to Valencia real estate, our expertise extends beyond just transactions – we specialize in crafting seamless experiences for expats seeking a new home in this enchanting city. Navigating the real estate landscape can be a daunting task, but with Revalencia by your side, the process becomes a breeze. We understand the unique needs of expatriates and prioritize making the transition into Valencia as smooth as possible.

Valencia’s Best Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Finding the best apartments and homes for sale in Valencia is our forte. Revalencia’s extensive portfolio showcases a diverse range of properties, from charming apartments in the historic heart of the city to luxurious villas with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Our tailored approach ensures that you not only find a residence that suits your preferences but also aligns with your vision of the perfect Valencia home.

Apartments Near The Beach, Park and Subway

One of the key elements in the search for Valencia real estate is identifying the ideal location. Our team provides insights into the various neighborhoods, helping you understand the unique character of each area. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of El Carmen or the modern vibrancy of Ruzafa, Revalencia assists you in pinpointing the location that resonates with your lifestyle, making your investment in Valencia real estate both fulfilling and strategically sound for your family or your invesment.

Apartments in El Carmen
Getting A Mortgage In Spain

Understanding mortgages in Spain is another crucial aspect of the real estate journey. Revalencia’s financial experts guide you through the intricacies of securing a mortgage, ensuring that you make informed decisions aligned with your financial goals. We demystify the process, making the acquisition of Valencia real estate a stress-free endeavor.

Colon Market Valencia Spain
Valencia Investment Real Estate

For those considering Valencia real estate as an investment or for Airbnb use, our team provides invaluable insights. The city’s growing popularity as a tourist destination makes real estate in Valencia a promising investment. Revalencia strategically advises you on properties that not only serve as a comfortable home but also present lucrative opportunities for rental income, turning your real estate venture into a rewarding investment.

Valencia Apartments for Families

Schools play a pivotal role in the lives of expat families, and Revalencia considers this aspect with utmost importance. We guide you towards neighborhoods with reputable international schools, ensuring a seamless transition for your children into the Spanish education system. Our commitment is to not only find you a house but to assist in creating a home where your family can thrive.

Professional Real Estate Search

Navigating the search for Valencia real estate can be challenging, but Revalencia transforms it into a personalized, efficient, and enjoyable experience. Our team takes the time to understand your unique requirements, preferences, and goals, ensuring that each property we recommend aligns with your vision of the perfect home in Valencia.


Revalencia is more than just a real estate agency – we are your partners in turning your dream of owning a piece of Valencia into a reality. With a focus on excellence, transparency, and personalized service, we make navigating the world of Valencia real estate a delightful journey. Trust Revalencia to be your compass in discovering the home that perfectly complements your expatriate adventure in Valencia, Spain.

Colon Market Valencia Spain

Getting To Know The Valencia, Spain Real Estate Market

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The Valencia real estate market is characterized by a diverse range of properties, offering something for every taste and budget.

In terms of market trends, Valencia has experienced a steady rise in real estate activity, with an influx of both local and international buyers seeking to make this vibrant city their home. The market’s resilience and growth can be attributed to Valencia’s unique blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and a Mediterranean lifestyle that captivates individuals from all walks of life.

When it comes to price ranges, Valencia offers a compelling proposition, often presenting more affordable options compared to other major European cities. The market encompasses a spectrum of prices, catering to various preferences and financial capacities. For instance, charming apartments in the heart of the city, such as those in the El Carmen neighborhood, may range from €150,000 to €300,000, providing an accessible entry point for those looking to own a piece of Valencia real estate.

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